In addition to a number of articles about local businesses published in The Cortland Area Tribune, additional articles published in The Tompkins Weekly, and about thirty short stories, poems, how-to, and opinion articles published on the former (before it changed format), I have a few poems published in the following print publications:

Cortland Writers Group 2007

Anthology written and edited by the Members of Cortland Writers Group

**I wrote the “About Cortland Writers Group” page.



Great Poets of Our Time:

150 Outstanding Poets of the year 2000

J. Mark Press, 2000

One poem: “Small and Slender”, p. 22.



A Time To Be Free

Quill Books, February, 2000

Two poems: “Sunrise”, p. 47 and “Autumn”, p. 50.




Contemporary Verse from Around the World

The Iliad Press, 1999

One poem: “House in the Woods”, p. 15

*Appears in Chapter 1, The Laureates of the Iliad Literary Awards & Youth Awards.



Verses, Vol. 13, No. 3 – Fall 2001

Cader Publishing, Ltd.

One poem: “Harvest”, p. 44.

IMG_20150806_100152 (1)


Verses, Vol. 13, No. 4 – Winter 2001

Cader Publishing, Ltd.

One poem: “The World I Live In”, p. 38.



Verses, Vol. 12, No. 4 – Winter 2000

Cader Publishing, Ltd.

One poem: “The Silver Bullet”, p. 38


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