Shannon’s Blog

New Year’s Day, 2016

Happy New Year, everyone! 2015 was a hell of a year, and I feel a huge sense of relief that it is over and I can put it behind me.

Why couldn’t I have done that any day of the year? Is it a psychological thing, that with the changing of the fourth digit, life can somehow be reset more easily than at any other time? Is it like a re-birth, where the muck and grime of the previous year can be washed away, and I can start with a clean slate?

Or is it a time when I bring my lessons forward with me and expand upon the foundation that I have begun to build, brick by brick?

Maybe the latter would be the better choice. If the slate is wiped clean, I have to start from scratch. But if I bring my accomplishments forward -those building blocks – and continue to exercise my strengths and work on my weaknesses, then I have something of substance to stand on.

For any of you who visit my page, you will see some changes this year. I will be removing “This Week in Writing and Publishing History” from my Tidbits page and will replace the list with something of more substance. While I know there are plenty of events and people that have contributed to writing and publishing history, for some reason, not enough of them are documented.

I have decided to focus more on horror, because it is what I know. History is bursting with the horrors that humanity has created. The truth is often more horrific than fiction.

I haven’t decided exactly what form this is going to take; maybe a weekly essay or article. But that is something to be on the lookout for in the coming weeks.

More importantly, I am getting ready to publish my debut fiction collection and bring in the new year on a high note. I am procrastinating as we speak, because today is the day it will be uploaded, and most likely ready to read within a few hours.

Onward into 2016!





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