The UNEASY Series

There is so much exciting stuff going on in my horror writing world!

Yesterday I re-launched my debut horror fiction collection, Blood And Bone; A Smattering of Unease, as Volume I of the Uneasy series! Three volumes will complete this collection. Volume II is called The Shady Side; A Shortcut to Uneasy Street and it is already half-finished. I will be working with my graphic designer on cover development, and hopefully will be able to reveal the cover in the near future. I’m already thinking about Volume III and its content and title. I’m not entirely sure yet what I want to do with it, but it will definitely be uneasy.

Volume I should be available for print in early March. In fact, all three books will eventually be offered in print and as a set. Product development for goody giveaways are also in the works. In addition, I am still working on updating my website, so my “subscriber” link will soon be appearing.

I am currently reading some new material, so you can look forward to some more reviews on my Horror Review page in the upcoming weeks.

If anyone would like to check out Volume I of the Uneasy series, it is available as a free Valentine’s Day gift until midnight today! I encourage any readers to leave reviews. Happy Valentine’s Day and uneasy reading to you!


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