Fictional Characters Have Needs, Too

A very worried little boy finds his big sister . . .
A very worried little boy finds his big sister . . .

I am here today to proudly say I am back in the writing saddle again after a hiatus that has lasted several years — at least, for my fiction. Of course, I have filled those years with journaling, notebooks full of meandering stream-of-consciousness poetry, far too many news articles covering local businesses and events, and one or two quick and complete short stories.

I have, however, neglected the needs of my fictional characters. They have been suffocating against one another’s pages in folders whose colored edges have faded, and clamoring against their metal file drawers for nigh on thirteen years. Yes, thirteen years.

All of my fictional characters have needs of their own. A teenage girl needs to be found and returned home. A college student needs to fight off hundreds of vicious miniature monsters to get to the bus station; a young couple needs to escape a parallel dimension where lawlessness runs rampant and morals are nonexistent; a woman needs to avenge her murdered dog. These are only a few of the many characters I must tend to. So many lives, so much to do! Somehow, I must provide for all of my characters’ needs. They have been deprived for so long.

Today I blew off the dust, sat down in front of my computer, and wrote. Maybe only for an hour and a half, but a very worried little boy found his big sister. And once I’ve written for another four hours or so, their little family will have had a Christmas it will never forget.

It’s good to be back! Now, to make it a habit and finish that collection!

-The Owl

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